BOB Books Workbooks and Reading Kit 1 for Beginning Readers

This reading kit is PERFECT for beginning readers!


If you have a beginning reader, then this reading kit will be great for them to practice their reading skills.


It’s no secret…I LOVE BOB Books!


The workbooks are everything!


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Hooray for BOB Books!

It just doesn’t get any better than this!  My favorite books to teach young children to read have really outdone themselves with their newest products; BOB Books Reading Kits!! If you know me and you follow my blog, you know that BOB Books have been an important part of and a necessity to my classroom.  I have used BOB Books in my classroom for over 17 years, and I feel no curriculum is complete without them.   I was so excited to be given the opportunity to review and use the reading kit in my classroom!





BOB Books Reading Kit 1

The BOB Books Reading Kit is for beginning readers and is available for sale at Costco.  The main characters of the BOB Books; Mat, Sam, and Dot are also available to enhance the reading experience for the children!  Mat, Sam, and Dot are celebrities!  Haha!!!





The BOB Books Reading Kit 1 comes in a self contained, easy to carry box.  It’s contents of the box includes an 8 page Parent Guide, an 80 page child’s workbook with stickers, a beginning set of 12 Bob Books, 2 full length storybooks, 40 flashcards…this kit is full of everything you need to ensure your child is successful in reading!


The contents of Reading Kit 1:

-The Parent Guide: Comes with tips and lessons that you can do with your child at home or at school.  It comes with hints for teaching a child to read, additional resources and an achievement log.

-The Workbook: Comes with 6 workbook pages for each of the BOB Books, stickers, a checklist, and a certificate of completion.

-Beginning set of 12 BOB Books: Comes with 12 books; Mat, Sam, Dot, Mac, Dot and Mit, Dot and the Dog,Jig and Mag, Muff and Ruff, 10 Cut-Ups, Peg and Ted, Lad and the Fat Cat, and The Vet

-2 full length storybooks: Comes with 2, Level 1 Readers that are geared towards sight words, words to sound out, and simple sentences.They are Grade 1 readers, appealing to Pre-k to 1st graders.

-40 flashcards: Comes with 40 double-sided flashcards with a picture from the books on one side, and the word on the other.



In order to be able to reuse the workbook pages for multiple children, I would recommend making a photocopy of the pages of the workbook that correspond to the first BOB Book, Mat.  After your child has read the book, then they can begin on the workbook pages.  The workbook is really a great reference to the book and the character dolls make it even more fun!









Overall thoughts on the reading kit and workbooks




The workbooks and the characters were a HUGE hit when I used them in my classroom!! At the time, I had multiple children in my class asking to do this work and they were excited to be able to explore the reading kit!  I loved that each book has its own set of workbook pages, and that it was fun and inviting for the children.  This Reading Kit is ideal for any homeschool curriculum or classroom curriculum where you have beginning readers.  The kit is complete with everything you need to teach reading to your young child.





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In conclusion

BOB Books just keeps putting out quality materials for all children to develop a love of reading! They really outdid themselves with this reading kit and workbooks. I can only hope that BOB Book keeps making these amazing Reading Kits, and the wonderful character dolls we have all grown to love and adore! Bravo, BOB Books, well done with the Reading Kits!


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What books do you use to teach reading rules to your children? Please share your thoughts in the comments!


Happy Reading!

Anitra J.






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  1. I love the bob books!!! They were so great when my boys started to read!! XOXO

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