How using doTerra essential oils in the classroom helps with focus, concentration, & a peaceful environment

Essential oils are a great way to promote focus, concentration and a peaceful environment


Plus…they smell amazing!!!


It’s that time of the year!

Being that it is back to school time, I am on a mission to start the year off right. I want to set clear guidelines and rules of the classroom, and am looking to have the classroom run as smoothly as possible as soon as possible. There are children returning from Summer vacation, children who are new, and others that were at the school during Summer Camp. The beginning of a school year is the time to get everyone on the same page, and get everyone “normalized” within a quick time frame.


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“Normalization” in Montessori terms is used to describe the process in which children in the classroom find inner discipline and peace, and the children are able to concentrate and focus on working freely throughout the classroom. To assist with the process of normalization, a friend recommended the use of doTERRA Essential Oils in my classroom. Leticia Baxter is an Elite Wellness Advocate for doTERRA Essential Oils, and she educated me on the positive effects of using the oils in my classroom. The most important thing I learned about using essential oils is to do my research. Not all oils are created equal, and doTERRA oils have proven to be superior to other brands currently on the market. To learn more about doTERRA Essential Oils click here.

I invited Leticia to share some of the benefits of using doTERRA essential oils in your classroom (or home). doTERRA Essential Oils offer a variety of oils for a variety of health benefits, however, Leticia discussed only a few; the ones that are beneficial for focus, concentration, and calming. Without further ado-here are the benefits of using doTERRA essential oils.


Why use doTERRA Essential Oils?

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How can they be a benefit to the home and classroom environment?

I am going to touch on a few oils and the amazing benefits of using them in your child’s environment.


It is so important when choosing an essential oil brand! Many companies claim their oils to be therapeutic grade and some may be pure. In reality, very few of them are subjected to rigorous testing and standards for chemical composition. doTERRA essential oils are cross tested to ensure both the exact purity and composition potency of each batch. doTERRA works side by side with a global network of leading essential oil chemist and growers to ensure that our oils are the safest, purest, most potent and beneficial oils available in the world today. Please make sure the oils you are using are to the highest standards of quality. You can really tell a difference not only in smell but when using.


Essential oils for diffusing in the environment for focus and concentration



The Oil of Communication
Lavender is known for its calming and relaxing qualities. It helps reduce anxious feelings and helps ease feelings of tension. When you think of lavender… think all things calming. Lavender has many uses and helps with some of the following: restful night’s sleep, anxious feelings, emotional balance and sooths occasional skin irritations. These are just to name a few. Lavender can be used aromatically, topically and internally. Be aware that this does not go for all brands of essential oils. As long as there is a supplemental fact label on the bottle, you can use topically and internally. This is very important when using essential oils and why quality really does matter.
Diffusing Lavender in the classroom can help in calming the room and aid in better focus and concentration.



The Oil of Grounding
Sometimes life can bring on stress leaving us off guard and feeling overwhelmed. This blend helps to restore and ground us. Balance brings a feeling of calmness, peace and relaxation. It can evoke feelings of tranquility, sense of balance and ease anxious feelings. Balance can be used aromatically and topically.
Diffusing balance in the classroom helps ground the whole room, setting a calm peaceful environment.


On Guard

The Oil of Protection

On Guard supports healthy immune function and can be used to boost the immune system. It can also clean surfaces to protect against environmental threats just by adding to water for an effective all purpose cleaner. OnGuard can be used aromatically, topically and internally.

Diffusing On Guard in the classroom helps shield individuals from germs, bacteria, mold and viruses all while purifying the air.


Wild Orange

The Oil of Abundance

Wild Orange inspires abundance, fosters creativity and supports a positive mood. Wild Orange has a variety of uses such as cleansing, uplifting, invigorating and lowering anxious feelings or nervousness. It can aid in increasing concentration, emotional balance and so much more. Wild Orange can be used aromatically, topically and internally.
Diffusing Wild Orange in the classroom helps with concentration and focus while cleansing the air.




Leticia Baxter

If you have any questions, or are interested to learn more, please visit and contact Leticia Baxter at

About the Author:

Hi, my name is Leticia Baxter from eoswith I’m a stay at home mom who felt stuck in mom life. I love being able to stay at home with my kiddos and be there for them, and am truly lucky and blessed to do so! I found doTerra and it has helped me in so many ways! Natural solutions using the oils has empowered my family and my life. Why would I not share these life changing products with other?! I love that I can offer others hope! I look forward to helping you!


How to use essential oils

So now that you know about the benefits of using essential oils, I will share with you about how I actually used them in my classroom. My oil station was on a shelf in my classroom. My set-up was quite simple and using the diffuser was easy too! I use a small sized diffuser and added the oils to it. The easy to follow steps are listed below.


1. Fill the diffuser to the red dot with water.

I used bottled water in my diffuser, never tap water. I just feel it worked best to get the best use out of the oils.


2. Add two to three drops of each oil (for a stronger, more noticeable smell,add more drops). I personally stuck with the three drops.

This is where you can personalize the oil blends. You can use one, two, three, or all four oils! Depending on what your aim and goal is, you can pick different oils for each situation.



The children in my classroom absolutely LOVED the oils! They would walk around commenting on how good it smells. It truly did work, I used them towards the end of the school year too when the children would start to get a little “unfocused”. They worked amazing! I noticed the differences in their ability to focus and concentrate, as well as the calming effect on the classroom overall.

I was so happy that I found such pure, safe, and beneficial products that I used in my classroom! What more could you want for your child or the children in your classroom?


Anitra J.



  1. I could certainly use the balance oil in my car, especially in the car pool line!

    1. Anitra says:

      Hi Alicia! Exactly! Carpool lines are crazy sometimes!

  2. I used essential oils in my home along with a diffuser! I agree with you that they work! I see positive changes not only in myself but my family as well. I may have to try the brand you recommend. I get mine online, but forget the name for the life of me! Great and informative information. đŸ™‚

    1. Anitra says:

      Hi John! That’s great! They are great to use, and they are pure too! In California preschools, they are very strict on what were allowed to use in the classrooms, and they’re approved!

  3. I love essential oils and use them daily! Good tips on the classroom!

    1. Anitra says:

      Thanks Jenn! I use them religiously now that I have found how great they work!

  4. I substitute teach, and some of the teachers have diffusers in their classrooms, so it’s nice to have this little tutorial about what to do with them so I can use it too.

  5. I’ve never tried essential oils but this makes me want to start! I don’t have a classroom but do have a need for focus. Haha

  6. Kamie Berry says:

    I think I need to use the lavender for our homeschool. We are having some serious focus issues.

  7. I homeschool, so this is very helpful for me! I’m always looking for new oil recommendations to use in our home. Thank you for this!!

  8. I’ve used essential oils, but never in a diffuser. I’m thinking I may start though!

  9. Shelanda says:

    I need to get me a diffuser and use it for homework time. Great article.

  10. Cerin says:

    I got some free samples of DoTerra essential oils a few years back. I need to look into this again. đŸ™‚

  11. Maybe I should try this in the high school! The best I do right now is turn on my gingerbread candle warmer. I feel at home and cozy, at least!

  12. Allie says:

    I love essential oils and lavender is my favorite, so calming!

  13. I agree about lavender. It is soothing and calming. I have a lavender spray that eases your mind and has a calming effect for getting to sleep. I love it!

  14. Jason says:

    Great information!

  15. I love doterra oils! Currently sipping on lemon, peppermint, & on guard to help me get over some head congestion!

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