Welcome to the four part series, Montessori Tidbits: Ideas & Practices for Newbies to the Montessori Method!  This series is intended to shed some light on some of the behind the scenes or rarely mentioned ideas and practices that are a major part of the Montessori Method.

Each part will have a different subject and topic, and will be posted here as well as under the Blog tab on the Home page and under the Montessori Tidbits Series tab as well.  I hope you enjoy and find the Montessori Tidbits Series to be useful, enlightening and informational!

I’m glad you’re here and thanks for joining me for the series!




Montessori Tidbits Series Parts 1-4



Montessori Tidbits Part 1: 10 Ideas to Achieve a Peaceful Home or Classroom Setting


Montessori Tidbits Part 2: Positive Discipline The Montessori Way




Montessori Tidbits Part 3: Grace & Courtesy-Teaching children manners




Montessori Tidbits Part 4: A Montessori approach as to why children shouldn’t be forced to share