8 Montessori inspired subscription boxes to pique any child’s interests

Looking for a fun way to incorporate Montessori principles into your home?


Subscription boxes are a great way to introduce a number of concepts, without all the fuss of buying Montessori materials!


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Box subscription popularity is on the rise (and for good reason!)

Subscription boxes have been growing in popularity for some time. There are subscription boxes for all of your child’s interests, hobbies, and favorite past times. From coding, to woodworking to even snacks, there is a subscription box that all children can find worthy!

With all of the many subscriptions out there, it may be hard to narrow down the ones that are worth it and are beneficial to your child’s learning and have a purpose. I narrowed the search down for you…these are the top eight subscription boxes that I feel live up to the standards that you want for your children as parents.



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What’s so unique about these subscription boxes that make them stand out from the rest?

There are tons of subscription boxes to choose from when it comes to finding boxes that peak your child’s interests. The great thing about these boxes and what makes them so unique is that the are Montessori inspired; many follow the Montessori philosophy and practices in the development of the products in their boxes.

The others may not follow the Montessori philosophy per se, but they do encompass many Montessori principles that are commonly taught in Montessori environments. (Care of others, being kind, music, learning about the world, and cooking). Therefore adhering to the Montessori principle of developing the “whole child“.

So if your goal is to incorporate Montessori principles and practices into your home and parenting, these subscription boxes are a great way to do so!

Another added bonus of subscription boxes is that make great gifts for any occasion!


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Montessori inspired subscription boxes to pique any child’s interests

1. Bloom Box|Montessori and Waldorf Inspired Exploration Box

Bloom Box is a thoughtfully curated seasonally themed monthly exploration box that includes natural and handmade unique items that foster independence and encourages open ended play. You’ll find elements of Waldorf in materials that are natural, calming and whimsical, and elements of Montessori in materials that inspire learning through play.

  • Montessori inspired learning materials
  • Waldorf inspired natural and whimsical items
  • DIY Handiwork, Art and Craft Projects
  • Handmade crocheted toy in each box
  • All items are carefully developed or selected first hand


2. Raddish Kids

Raddish is a cooking club, culinary lesson, and mealtime solution all-in-one.
We make cooking and sharing a meal fun for the whole family!

Every Raddish Kit Includes:

  • 3 Recipe Guides
  • Quality Kitchen Tool
  • Collectibles — a colorful apron patch and 4 table talk cards.
  • Creative Kitchen Project
  • 3 Culinary Skill Lessons
  • Complete Grocery List


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3. Kind Kids Mindfulness Kit

Teach important lessons like mindfulness, kindness and emotional awareness through fun books and activities. Each kit includes a beautiful hardcover children’s book selected by a children’s librarian as well as discussion questions, a mindfulness activity, a family-friendly craft and an Act of Kindness Challenge related to that month’s theme.

  • High-quality, new book releases every month
  • Three unique activities
  • 100% women-owned and run business


4. For Purpose Kids

For Purpose Kids teaches kids at a young age how to be kind and compassionate towards others, especially in situations in which they may not be familiar.

Their Toolkits inspire children aged 5 to 10 to learn about being kind and doing good for people, communities, animals & the environment through activities, books and events. Built upon a subscription model for ongoing, interactive learning, the Toolkits engage young kids in meaningful conversations using multicultural characters and stories. There’s no better way to foster kindness and compassion in the world than through education and storytelling focused on compassion, rather than noticeable differences.



5. Benedykt & Sylvester

The Montessori subscription boxes are designed to give you a wide range of activities surrounding a different topic every month for you to enjoy with your child. The boxes are designed to easily store, access and navigate, with a good balance of paper, card and wooden materials.


  • Benedykt & Sylvester Written Activity Pack with 10-20 activities

  • Tin of Wooden Topic Words/Equivalent Wooden Element

  • Exclusive Facebook Group membership for tips & recommendations

  • Free Delivery


  • Benedykt & Sylvester Written Activity Pack with 10-20 activities

  • Tin of Wooden Topic Words

  • Exclusive Facebook Group membership for tips & recommendations

  • A pack of Montessori Learning Tiles™

  • Free Delivery


  • Benedykt & Sylvester Written Activity Pack with 10-20 activities

  • Tin of Wooden Topic Words

  • Exclusive Facebook Group membership for tips & recommendations

  • A pack of Montessori Learning Tiles™

  • 2-Part Montessori Learning Tiles™

  • Tin of Sight Words to collect throughout your subscription

  • Supplementary exclusive materials such as craft items and specialist educational equipment e.g. dice, stencils, crayons, wooden cut outs (every month will be different)

  • Free Delivery


6. Music Library Box

Music Library is a monthly subscription box that uses children’s books about music to introduce readers to diverse styles of music and musicians. Read about Beethoven, Bob Marley and everyone in-between! Curated to foster a life-long appreciation for music and reading!

  • Receive a new children’s book about music every month!
  • Engaging activities to supplement your reading!
  • Access to online resources available only to subscribers!
  • Great for pre-readers, new and independent readers AND the adults that read to them!


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7. Sprout and Blossom

Sprout and Blossom is a monthly gardening activity box that is filled with hands on fun! These boxes are geared toward children ages 4 to 9 years. This is not a strict age limit, sometimes younger ones can participate and sometimes older ones will want to participate. Gardening activities are fun for all ages!

  • Every month you get a new book to go with the box theme.
  • Fun crafts included.
  • A planting activity or science experiment each month.
  • Activity pages and links to educational videos.
  • A fun small gift from a local vendor or Esty shop


8. Bookroo

Board Book Club (newborns and infants)

The board book club features a monthly delivery of three sturdy board books, making it a good option for small fingers still learning how to handle books. Books typically have 8-14 pages. Each box includes an insert highlighting the books and offering exclusive details, like insights from authors and illustrators.

Picture Book Club (ages 3-6)

The picture book box comes with two hardcover picture books. These books are perfect for reading aloud on a lap or for young readers just learning to read. Books typically have 32-40 pages. Each box includes an insert highlighting the books and offering exclusive details, like insights from authors and illustrators.



What to take from this

One of the most important things to take from this is to always consider your child’s interests and skill set into consideration before choosing any one or more of these subscription boxes. While some of the concepts and skills taught in the boxes may not peak the interest of your child, so it is important to choose from the recommendations wisely to keep them interested and having fun while learning!

Have you tried any of the subscription boxes I’ve recommended?

Are there any that you are interested in trying out for your child?

Share your thoughts on my recommendations in the comments!


Happy learning!

Anitra J.


  1. These are all great options and would make great gifts! I think my daughter would love the sprout and grow one as we are going to have a vegetable garden next year.

  2. I love all of these subscription boxes! This is a great list.

  3. Audrey says:

    These look so cool I didn’t know about all of these!

  4. These are great suggestions. I love all the interactive activities.

  5. How much fun are these? Really cute all around. Thanks for sharing!

  6. Sabrina C says:

    This is a genius list, I love having subscription boxes for the kids. Especially when you home educate there’s so much value in the boxes. Do you also have a list of books to buy or rent and subscription websites?

  7. What great timing!!! I may sign up for a few to get my kids through summer vacation, these sound great!

  8. Subscription boxes are amazing. It’s a great way to introduce your child to a set of unique products every month.

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