How to live a life filled with gratitude

Would you like to know how to live a life filled with gratitude?


With a few simple daily life changes on how you think about things, you can do just that!


Grateful mindset

No matter what time of year it is, you can’t help but to think about or be reminded of the things you are grateful and thankful for.  We should always have these things in mind all throughout the year, not just during holiday season.  Developing a grateful and thankful mindset comes from daily activities and exercises that can easily be done in as little as five minutes! Sounds easy enough, right?!

I know that you’re probably thinking that there is no way that this is possible; but what if I told you that with a little guidance and a some great ideas to get you started, you could be on your way to living a life filled with gratitude!? Are you in?

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I was given the opportunity to try out and review a Gratitude Journal. The author, Sara Halcumb, is a Registered Nurse who lives in the Pacific Northwest with her husband and their two children. She has been on the spiritual path for the past several years, and has recently begun to share her insights, knowledge and enthusiasm through writing and creating journals for people to enjoy. Sara wrote the Gratitude and Intentional Goals Journal as a means for herself and others to lead a life filled with gratitude and to learn how to be grateful for the present moment. For more information about Sara, check out her website



Gratitude and Intentional Goals-My Journal

A journal for those seeking to improve their life and the lives of those around them



Gratitude and Intentional Goals-My Journal

A little inside information about the Gratitude and Intentional Goals Journal…

Not only is the the journal chocked full of inspirational quotes, gratitude tips and challenges, it also provides plenty of space for you to jot down what you are grateful for on any given day!

The journal itself is broken down into tow sections. The first section is solely dedicated to Gratitude. Writing down what you are grateful for on a daily basis, various gratitude challenges, and even prompts that ask you to write about specific events, situations, or challenges in your life.  The second section is solely dedicated for working on setting and achieving Intentional Goals.  This section covers fourteen areas in which you will set your goals.





Section 1: Gratitude


The gratitude section is structured like a traditional journal. It has a space for you to date the journal entry, and plenty of space to write out what you are most grateful for each day.  It also has different challenges and prompts, which gives this particular journal an edge on other journals that I have used before.  I feel that the challenges and prompts give you more opportunities to dig really deep into your thoughts and feelings and utilize the journal in the best way possible.  For me personally, having the challenges and prompts helped me think about experiences and situations that I am truly grateful for.  It definitely helped me understand and grow as a person, as well as my gratitude journey!







Section 2: Intentional Goals

The intentional goals section is what really sets this journal apart.  The section covers 14 areas of your life that you can set intentional goals for. The great thing about this section is that you can pick and choose which goals you want to work on and in which order you want to.  There is no right or wrong answer or way to set and work on the intentional goals you set in this section, which is also very nice.  Some of the goals may not be relevant to you at this particular moment, and being able to set goals that are right for you, is awesome!

The intentional goals that you can set are:

  • Career

  • Health

  • Spiritual

  • Love

  • Social

  • Finances

  • Personal

  • Education

  • Home

  • Family

  • Time Management

  • Parenting

  • Volunteer

  • Travel


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Each of the goals has 4 parts:

  1. Goal setting and intentions

  2. Goal dates and actions

  3. Goal notes/lists/ideas

  4. Picture of your goal





There are two other great things about the intentional goals section.  The first is that you are able to jot down why you are setting this particular goal, which is your intention.  Second, is that you have space to write down something motivating that you can tell yourself when you feel like giving up on your goal.


Start your month or year off on the right path!

This journal would be great to use along with any of your monthly or New Year’s goals! Using this journal could assist you in a major way in reaching the goals you have set for the new year.  If you are looking for a way to make positive changes to your life and overall living, this journal could be exactly what you need!  I will be using it even more in the new year along with the monthly resolution goals from my post, New you for the new year-12 months to an even better you! It will help me set, reach, and accomplish so many goals and help me to live a life filled with gratitude!


Final thoughts on the Gratitude and Intentional Goals Journal


From beginning to end, this is an amazing, helpful, and must have journal if you are looking to live a life filled with gratitude.  The journal gives you the tools to change your daily mindset and thoughts on how you live your life.  It gives you such positive ways to be more present and grateful in your life and the lives of those around you.  This journal helps you improve all aspects of your life, and overall changes how you see things.


This gratitude and intentional goals journal would go great alongside The Self Development Workbook & Journal that I created! Also, learning about being grateful and thankful is an important trait for kids to learn as well. Teach them all about gratitude and being thankful with the Kids Gratitude Journal from my store!




Are you ready to start living a life filled with gratitude?!

Be sure to grab your copy of Gratitude and Intentional Goals-My journal here.



Time to set and crush some intentional goals!! Happy journaling everyone!!!

Anitra J.


  1. this is a lovely post anitra as well as the 12 months article linked here. i love all the categories to set goals in. i’d to forgetten some (volunteering). best wishes for a happy and healthy 2019!

  2. What a fantastic idea! It is so easy to get caught up in the negativity. Whether it comes from the news, social media, water-cooler gossip. This is a great way to keep gratitude a focus and live intentionally. I LOVE the idea of having a picture of your goal as well. Visual cues are such a game-changer.

    1. Anitra says:

      Hi Tiffany! It can definitely be hard to stay focused and keep gratitude at the forefront of our lives. This gratitude journal is a great way to help us live with purpose and intent and focus on being grateful!

  3. Gratitude is so important in our everyday lives. I never thought to keep a gratitude journal. Its a great idea and I love how simply it can work to improve our mindset.

    1. Anitra says:

      Hi Michelle! This gratitude journal can definitely help you work on living gratefully and being present!

  4. Having gratitude every day is so very important and I am learning more and more on how to live in the moment.

  5. I like this combination of gratitude & intentional goals journal. Also, I like all the different areas for setting goals so that you do not forget an important part of your life. Look like a fabulous journal.

  6. Audrey says:

    I love this! I could really use this for 2021 as a nice fresh start to the year.

  7. The mind is so powerful! I am a true believer in it’s ability to change your perception if you truly want to and focus on it. I have dropped so many bad habits (i.e. smoking, drinking, eating too much) and picked up so many great ones by doing just this!

  8. Patricia Chamberlain says:

    I have been trying to focus on gratitude this year and will take that with me into next year. Thank you for this post!

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