Easy Christmas hanging photo tree craft

Looking for an easy child made craft to give as a Christmas gift for relatives?


Then look no further…this fun craft is so easy and simple that it is great for kids to make!



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Child made gifts rock!

Let’s face it, trying to find the perfect gift for relatives can be a daunting task. So this year, why not give them something that is hand made by your child!  I personally always LOVED when my daughters would give me handmade gifts for holidays; these are the ones that I still have and hold dear to my heart.  When children get an  opportunity to make things themselves, they feel a sense of pride, accomplishment, and joy knowing that they created something so special for someone they love!

There is nothing quite like a child made gift. The fondest memories of gifts from my girls are the ones that they made over the years. There is just something extra special about receiving a handmade gift, especially from children!


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Easy DIY gift idea

This is an easy DIY craft to give as a Christmas gift. This hanging photo tree is fun and would make a great gift for grandparents or other relatives!  The children and I actually made these one year in my classroom as a gift for parents from the children.  I got quite a few compliments on these from not only the other teachers in the school, but the parents loved them as well!  It is fairly easy and inexpensive, but it does require a little bit of adult supervision and assistance.


How to make the Christmas hanging photo tree craft

This handmade hanging photo tree craft does require purchasing a few items beforehand in order to complete the project. Everything you will need is listed below. On a side note, this craft does require adult supervision and assistance.


Materials/supplies needed:



Step 1:

The first thing an adult would need to do is choose the desired length of your hanging photo tree. I recommend making your cut about an inch from the corner of the wire hanger. Once you have your desired length determined, cut the wire hanger with wire cutters. Note that you will need to apply a bit of pressure when cutting the wire hanger to your desired length.


Step 2:

Next, have your child determine how many clothespins they would like their photo hanger tree to have, and then have them paint the clothespins with acrylic paint.  I determined that six clothespins would be sufficient enough, but your child can choose to have more or less.  I decided to use green acrylic paint, since it goes well with Christmas. Make sure that your child paints all of the sides of the clothespins.


Step 3:

The next step is to have your child decide what kind of beads they would like on their photo hanging tree.  Once chosen, have your child string the beads onto the wire hanger.  I decided to use  Fused Beads in green and red.  For the beads, I used fourteen in total, and alternated the colors in a pattern.


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Step 4:

Once they are completely dry, have your child put their freshly painted clothespins onto the wire hanger.  Have them place each clothespin in between every two beads or in a consistent pattern.  I also left two beads on each end to complete the look.


Step 5:

Next, using the hot glue gun, an adult can glue a fused bead onto both ends of the wire hanger.



Step 6:

Now using the hot glue gun, an adult can glue the ends of the pre-cut piece of ribbon directly onto the fused beads that are glued onto the ends of the wire hanger.


Step 7:

Let it dry for a few minutes, and just like that, the hanging photo tree is complete!  Just have your child choose pictures to add to the photo tree, and it can be hung!


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In conclusion

When it comes to DIY gifts, the easier, the better. Especially when children will be doing a majority of the project.  Mind you, I made these with my classroom of twenty four children, so prepping of the hangers beforehand definitely made things go a lot smoother! Like I stated earlier, you can definitely have your child do most of this project, except for cutting the wire hangers with the wire cutter and any part of the project using the hot glue gun.

This was a really fun activity that the kids made, and it’s a great way for children to practice making patterns and promotes fine motor skill development with the stringing of the beads and the practice of placing clothespins.  This is an all around Montessori activity! These were the perfect gift for parents, as they were easy to make and did not take very long to make.


I hope your child enjoys making this  craft, and hopefully it will make a memorable photo keepsake gift for years to come!





Do you and your child enjoy making DIY handmade gifts? Let me know your thoughts in the comments!


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  1. Aww so pretty and inexpensive. A perfect Christmas decoration. Thank you!

    1. Anitra says:

      Thanks Verla! It was so fun to make, and the children really enjoyed it too!

  2. Heidi says:

    This is so cute! Love this idea!

    1. Anitra says:

      Thanks Heidi!

  3. Brittany says:

    Creative!! My kids have something similar (but not handmade) in the kitchen. They have managed to break it so we just may try this craft out! Thanks for sharing 🙂

    1. Anitra says:

      Thanks Brittany! It’s really easy!

  4. This is really cute! Plus, it creates a space for photos, other than the fridge. 🙂

    1. Anitra says:

      Thanks Nicolette! It does help with the photos on the fridge!

  5. Such a cute and creative idea! Looks like a lot of fun!

    1. Anitra says:

      Thanks Melissa!

  6. Love this! Cute and simple and memorable!

    1. Anitra says:

      Thanks Elizabeth!

  7. How cute! I imagine the kids would to love to hang their pictures from their ornament. Great craft.

    1. Anitra says:

      Thanks Kim! Yes, we will be adding a picture of each child to it!

  8. Cool idea, I think my kids would like this!

    1. Anitra says:

      Thanks Kristen!

  9. Laura Belle says:

    Great Idea and so simple

    1. Anitra says:

      Thanks Laura!

  10. Very cute idea! Especially for those of us (raises hand) with not much extra space in their apt for holiday decor haha

    1. Anitra says:

      Thanks Kara!

  11. This is so cute and looks easy to make!

  12. Cute idea, I will share with my daughter to do with my granddaughter (probably next year)

  13. Elizabeth says:

    What a cute project! This would be a great gift for a Grandma!

  14. That is such a cute idea! I’d probably leave my photo tree up all year, though! 😉

  15. Adorable! I can see a use for this throughout the year, too!

  16. I love pictures and this is such a clever way to display them!

    1. Anitra says:

      Thanks Lisa

  17. Creative way of displaying pictures! Love the idea!

    1. Anitra says:

      Thanks Melina!

  18. I’ve never seen this before, what cute idea. I love homemade gifts, My daughter would love making it too

  19. Oh my gosh this is such a great idea! Now I just need to print out my pictures! haha

  20. Aww what a cute project! My son would love to help make this one 🙂

  21. What a fun (and inexpensive) idea! Thanks for sharing!

  22. That is so cute! I made a wreath kind of like this, and use it for holiday cards, never thought to use photos!

  23. This is a fun idea to hang up the Xmas cards you receive from others too!

  24. I LOVE homemade Christmas gifts…always have and always will. This hanging photo tree craft is so cute and fun for littles to make! Thanks for the great craft idea!

  25. What a great, simple craft! I love displaying family photos so this would be such a cute way to do it.

  26. Audrey says:

    This is so cute!! It would make a great gift for grandparents too.

  27. Easy and a great way to put up Christmas cards you’ve received in the mail! Love how cute it looks!

  28. I love this craft! Turned out so cute!

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