25 fabulous things to do with your child for a one on one Valentine’s date

Treat your child to some one on one time with these date ideas!


Allow for some one on one bonding with you and your daughter or you and your son with these fun dates!




Valentine’s Day is not just for couples

Yes, Valentine’s Day is all about love; but that doesn’t mean it can’t be about a day of love…for your child/children! Share the love this Valentine’s Day with your child by spending some one on one, quality alone time with them.



Spread the love throughout the month if you have more than one child. That way, each child has their own special date with you, making them feel extra special. I love the idea of mommy/daughter and mommy/son dates, and think this is something that should be done all throughout the year!


The benefits of going on dates with your child

There are many benefits of going on dates with your child. Besides making them feel extra special, it provides them one on one time with you individually, which they may not get often if they have siblings.

Quality one-on-one time is always a great way to reconnect, make memories, and show love to your child. It’s also important for strengthening the relationship, maintaining openness, and reminding them of how important he or she is to you. Just like a date with your spouse, a date with your daughter or son helps to strengthen your bond and hopefully bring you closer!


25 fabulous things to do with your child for a one on one Valentine’s date

The activities I chose for this list can be for mommy/daughter and mommy/son Valentine’s dates. I tried to pick activities that are not too gender specific, so your daughter and/or son would enjoy them!  I also tried to pick activities that would be fun for kids of a variety of ages.



1. Get a mani-pedi

Everyone deserves getting a good mani-pedi!

2. Go on a mini shopping spree

Who doesn’t like shopping?

3. Go to the movies

Let your child pick the movie for your date.

4. Have a spa day

Getting pampered is a good idea an day of the year!

5. Go on a road trip

Visit a local town/city not too far from where you live


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6. Visit an ice cream shop

Get some sweet treats for you and your child

7. Go to a trampoline park

Jump, jump, jump around and have some fun

8. Ride go karts

Go karts are fun for kids of all ages

9. Go to an arcade

Arcades have something for everyone

10. Play mini golf

Mini golf is a fun option



11. Go bowling

They offer bumpers and child bowling balls to make this activity more kid-friendly

12. Go to a bookstore

Bookstores are a great way to spend an afternoon

13. Go to a coffee or smoothie shop

Grab some coffee for you and a smoothie for them, and sit and enjoy time together

14. Go to a fancy dinner

Get dressed up and go to a nice restaurant

15. Go fishing

Fishing is a great pastime and date idea


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16. Take a class together

Check with your city; I’m certain they have a ton of class options that you and your child would enjoy doing together!

17. Go to a drive in

If you still have one in your city or nearby, I highly recommend going to the drive in! It’s so fun and a great experience for children.

18. Go see a show

There are so many amazing live children’s shows to choose from

19. Go to high tea

Dress up and go have tea at an establishment that offer it

20. Go ice skating

Indoor ice skating is a fun activity



21. Take a train ride

Take a train to the next city/town

22. Visit a children’s museum

Children’s museums provide so many hands on experiences

23. Go out to brunch

Find a local hotel or restaurant that offers brunch

24. Go to a concert

Find a concert to attend in your area

25. Go roller skating

Like ice skating, roller skating rinks are fun as well


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What to take from this

The most important take away from this is to plan a time where it is you and your child, where you are giving them your undivided attention. This will show them that you enjoy spending time with them, and let them know that they are important and special.

Use this list as a guide and choose activities to do with your child that interests them, but also try and introduce them to new activities as well. Keep it fun and interesting!



I’m interested to know; do you go on dates with your child? If you do, what are your favorite activities or places to go?


Happy Bonding!

Anitra J.


  1. So many great ideas here! I haven’t been to mini golf in ages.

  2. Melsisa Cushing says:

    What a fun and cool idea for the kids! My mom was always working and never got to do anything like this but I want to with my own kids! Thank you for the tips and suggestions 😉

  3. Marjie Mare says:

    These are great ideas. I always have some dates for Valentine’s day with my two girls.

  4. These are great ideas. I love going out on mini-dates with my son. I think a trip to the trampoline park or karting would be fun. Thank you for sharing this.

  5. Gervin Khan says:

    I love these ideas, and I am sure my kids will love them too, especially going to the trampoline park. Thank you!

  6. A smoothie date is perfect! Love all the suggestions here! Looks like I wont run out of ideas to do anymore!

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