11 smart & simple habits that can help you lose weight

Are you looking for ways tips to help you lose weight?


Then these helpful lifestyle habits may be what you need!


Implementing these habits could be helpful in your journey!


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I don’t know about you, but losing weight is A LOT harder to do! I used to be able to eat and snack on just about anything, and it would be fairly easy to shred a few pounds if needed. Unfortunately, this is not the case anymore. Losing weight takes a lot more planning, effort and discipline than it used to. I guess it’s just one of those things. I know that I can’t be the only one feeling this way, so I have decided to share some of what I’ve learned and implemented in my own weight loss journey. I am still a work in progress!

Not every one of these tips may fit your individual needs or journey, but I do think that a few of them may be useful and helpful to others also on a similar journey. I think that these tips are not only easy, but also smart and simple ways to aid you along the way.



It’s all in the mindset

Half of the battle with losing weight is making healthy changes and developing healthy habits. Losing weight is all about changing your mindset about certain things. Half of the battle with losing weight is developing smart & simple habits that help you make adjustments to your daily routine and life overall. These simple tips will have you on your way to a whole new you!


11 smart & simple habits that can help you lose weight


1. Stop stressing over losing weight

Let’s face it…we all know that stress is not healthy for you. So do yourself a favor, and stop stressing over losing weight! Instead, focus on the positive things on this journey; making smart, lifestyle changes that can help you in losing weight.


2. Have a cheat day every once in awhile

This is by far my favorite tip! Those diets or meal plans where you can’t have a cheat day are not for me. If you have a plan and are sticking to it, every once in awhile you deserve to indulge in a cheat day! So eat all the cake and savor that chocolate bar.



3. Eat (or drink) your veggies

Yes, just like your mom always told you. Veggies are important and helpful in knocking off unwanted weight. The good thing is, nowadays you don’t have to eat a plate of brussel sprouts (unless you want to), you can drink your veggies! Green drinks can give you a healthy serving of your daily intake of veggies, in a convenient, yummy smoothie or juice blend!


4. Keep moving

You  must remain active and move around when possible throughout the day. Try going for a walk, chair yoga or walking/exercising at your desk or work space. Something so simple can be a big help when you’re trying to shed some pounds!


5. Choose smart snacks

Yes, could you grab the nearest bag of potato chips when you’re in need of a midday or midafternoon snack? Uh, definitely. Is it the smartest choice, um…no. Try choosing smart snacks that give you energy or protein that you enjoy eating. My fave is apples & natural peanut butter. No one likes to be forced to eat snacks that they don’t like or enjoy just to lose weight.




6. Don’t make (lame) excuses

We all have used them…you know, the super lame excuses that will in the end get us no closer to our end goal. Yes, if you have a good reason why you fell off the weight loss wagon, then that’s different. An injury, a special occasion, maybe even a vacation; those are acceptable excuses. Don’t make super lame excuses like you broke a finger nail so you should eat junk food for the entire day or it’s sunny today, so there’s no way you can work out. You get the point!


7. Take note of your bad eating habits-and change them

Take a mental note of your eating and snacking habits. Could there be small changes or alternative food items that you could incorporate? Simple changes to foods or eating habits, such as snacking & eating times could make a huge difference in your journey. For instance, I changed to all natural peanut butter, eat less often, and have cut back on my portions.



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8. Make sure you get enough rest

Getting a healthy, restful nights sleep could really help. Having a good amount of sleep is an important factor in all aspect of your life, including weight loss. When you’re not well rested, it will make it harder for you to want to stick to the weight loss goals you have set for yourself. Plus, who couldn’t use more sleep?


9. Don’t be too hard on yourself

Give yourself a break. You are human and you are doing your best. That’s all you can ask of yourself. Do you best every day, and your confidence and self worth will improve and benefit you in all types of ways. We have all been guilty of coming down hard on yourself, but it is not healthy to do so.  Remind yourself that you are worthy of second chances, and that you got this!


10. Set goals for yourself when it comes to exercising

When it comes to exercising, set goals for you and what fits your abilities. Don’t try to compete with what others are doing or can accomplish, your exercise routine should be geared towards your personal goals and end results. For instance, I recently wrote an Instagram post regarding practicing yoga. I expressed how you yoga is for everyone, and that it is your practice. No matter what you do, do it for you!



11. Make sure you recognize your accomplishments

Guess what, you’re rocking it! If no one has told you lately that you are doing a great job, be sure to tell yourself. Congratulate yourself often; speak affirmations out loud to your self frequently. Try writing yourself some positive and encouraging notes, and using them as a confidence booster. Use sticky notes, and keep them in a place where you can see them daily. There is nothing wrong with taking time out to recognize your accomplishments, no matter how small they are. You deserve it!



What you should take away from this

In the end, the most important thing to take away from this is that making smart and simple lifestyle adjustments, can help with losing that extra weight and lead to better and healthier eating habits and snack choices. Making conscious changes to your day will hopefully lead to a healthier, happier you!


If you try any of the habits above, please share about it with me in the comments!

Anitra J.



  1. I ABSOLUTELY believe that it’s all about mindset! 🙌 Small adjustments make a BIG difference!

  2. Thanks for the tips! It is always a challenging task, and keeping it off is even tougher.

  3. Great tips. The reality is that losing weight is simple but it is not easy. Having the right mindset is definitely a great start. I think narrowing down your “why” before everything else is super important. If you know “why” you’re losing the weight, it’s easier to build the “what” and “how” around it.

  4. I have been Keto for 6 months and once i made the mind sift from diet to Lifestyle I started to see results. Good info., thank you!

  5. Great tips! I had issues with losing weight. Keeping it off is so hard for me, but I’m glad I read your tips; your right, it is all about mindset! That’s something I’ll have to work on this.

  6. Lauren says:

    Great tips! One of the hardest things for me is to avoid the snacking! Right now, our pantry is loaded with nutritious snacks to prevent this, and I actually just stare in dreaming of chips and cookies! Hopefully soon I won’t crave them anymore 🙂 thanks for the article!

  7. Great tips, have been living overseas for the past few months and the different foods have been a great change, so much fresh produce available. Walking on average 10kms a day too. Hope it all helps.

  8. Sundae Sunday Blog says:

    Great tips!! I have started walking every day and it has made a world of a difference.

  9. Great tips, all are simple not much difficult but the only thing is to be consistent. Thanks for sharing.

  10. Victoria Prasad says:

    Bad eating habits….that’s me. Kit Kat is the enemy! Great article. It truly is all about mindset.

  11. Thanks for these tips! Nice to remember and utilize.

  12. Tiffany Rains says:

    Yes, yes and yes! Your information is spot on and very helpful. Thank you for sharing 💞

  13. Great tips! I especially loved the one about making lame excuses.

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