Gift guide for the Men in your life-Ideas for every occasion

Gift ideas to help you choose an amazing gift for the important men in your life, no matter the occasion!


Dad’s, husbands, father in laws, boyfriends, brothers, cousins, grandfathers, uncles…they all deserve to get great gifts that they will love and cherish.


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Men deserve to feel special too!

A lot of attention goes to finding gifts for women for Mother’s Day, birthdays, Christmas, and Valentine’s Day. Don’t you think that the men in our lives deserve to feel just as special with gifts that we put time, effort and energy into shopping for? I say…YES!


It’s time we put those men in our lives at the top of our shopping list, and give them things that they will cherish and love!



Enter the gift of all gifts…

I had the opportunity and privilege of receiving an Ekster Smart Wallet for my husband. If you haven’t heard of a smart wallet, don’t worry! I hadn’t heard of a smart wallet before this, but it is amazing!


The Ekster Smart Wallet is an innovative wallet that allows you to track your wallet to always know exactly where it is. Like many men, my husband is ALWAYS looking for where he placed his wallet in the mornings for work and even on the weekends when we’re heading out.  Well, now that he has the Ekster Smart Wallet, he no longer has to search for it…he simply has to go to the app, and viola, he finds his wallet!


Ekster Modular Bifold Smart Wallet


The wallet

Ekster smart wallets come in a variety of styles. My husband is a bifold wallet user, so we chose the Ekster Modular Bifold Smart Wallet. It comes in Caramel, Brown or Black to fit the needs of the user. It can store up to around twelve cards, stores around ten bills, has a coin compartment in the top of the cardholder, and contains a removable magnetic cardholder.

The removable magnetic cardholder is great for when you just need a few cards and say your driver’s license, perhaps for a night out on the town or if you’re vacationing, when you may not want to take your entire wallet around with you.

The wallet itself is made of environmentally certified leather and is stylish and oh so versatile!


The tracker card

The tracker is a card that is placed into the wallet. It contains RFID blocking technology, and is paired with solar-powered tracking technology. The ultra-slim tracker card makes your wallet unlosable, and the two-way ringing lets you call your wallet from your phone or vise-versa!

Simply download the app, set up your tracker card and you’re all set!


The verdict

After using the Ekster Smart Wallet for over a month, my husband is a VERY happy camper! He’s always excited to show off his new wallet, and show people how he can ring the wallet from his phone and the phone too! The removable cardholder has come in handy quite often, as he uses that mostly while at work instead of taking the entire wallet with him while doing deliveries. This is definitely a must have for any special man in your life for any occasion…Valentine’s Day, Father’s Day, Graduation or a birthday!

Other great man gift ideas for every occasion

These gift ideas are versatile in that they can be for any man that you’re searching for a gift for. This guide can be the go to for every occasion for any aged man in your life! I hope you enjoy the gift ideas choices that made the list!


1. Wireless Headphones

Wireless headphones are all the rage right now. They are comfortable and stylish, and very simple to use. It really helps that there are no pesky wires attached to get in the way!


2. Fitness tracker

Fitness trackers are great for a number of things. Tracking steps, checking heart beat, and calorie intake, just to name a few!


3. Razor/Shaver

To get the cleanest, closest shave on his head and or face, then he’ll need an amazing shaver! It has durable, flexible shave head blades, is cordless, and does not irritate the skin!


4. Exercise gear

If the man you are shopping for enjoys exercising, then they would definitely appreciate work out gear! Check out some of my top picks for exercise gear they will love!


5. Ear buds

Similar to wireless headphones, ear buds are just as great but without having to put actual headphones over your head. They fit inside your ear securely, and are comfortable and inconspicuous!




6. Mustache/Beard care kit

Any man with a mustache or beard knows they  must keep it looking groomed! Help them by providing them with this full kit that comes with beard oil, scissors, a comb, brush and lots more!



7. Drone

Drones are the “it” thing to have nowadays! This drones comes complete with a smartphone attachment, batteries, and lights!


8. Arcade game

Got any old school gamers? This arcade game is the game to have if they enjoy the feeling of being in an arcade like they did when they were a kid! It’s four feet tall, and comes with a riser. All you’ll need is a comfy stool, and game on!



9. Remote control car

Like drones, remote control cars are fun to have. It comes with a joystick for easy maneuvering, and a set of batteries to get you started! Vroommm…Vroommmm!!



10. Tool set

Any handymen in your life? Hook them up with this tool set that comes with a drill, various pliers, screwdrivers and drill bits!




11. Barbecue grill

Have a guy that loves grilling? Then this grill would be a great gift idea! Comes with everything they need to cook up some great meals all year long!


12. Car care kit

Men love having a clean car. Why not gift them the ultimate in car care with this car care kit complete with a wash pad, tire shine, wheel and tire cleaner, protectant and more!


13. Jord Wood Watch

A watch is always a great gift idea! Even though it’s practical, there is always a use for a watch. Take a look at these stylish Men’s watches from Jord, they are unique and will fit any style!


14. Soy wax candles

Know a guy that likes candles? My hubby loves candles and that’s why we started our own candle company, The Cedar Company! Candles are not just for women! They are hand made by us, and are made from one hundred percent soy wax and non toxic fragrances!

What to take from this

The most important thing to take from this is to take time in shopping for a great gift for all the men in your life. They deserve to be treated and taken care of with well thought out gifts that reflect their interests and hobbies! I know that my husband always appreciates when I gift him things that he wouldn’t otherwise have gotten for himself…it gives him the biggest smile ever!



Do you have a favorite or favorites from the gift guide? Please share them with me in the comments! I’d love to hear your thoughts on my choices!


Put a smile on those men’s faces, and happy gifting!

Anitra J.



  1. Audrey says:

    The car care idea is great!! I have gotten both my dad and my husband wireless headphones before and they have always been a huge hit.

  2. Great gift ideas for men! I am thinking I need to go for the wireless headphones for my husband!

  3. Great ideas! Love the RC car idea. My hubs just bought one for our son for Christmas, and I am pretty sure he really just wanted it for himself.

  4. These are wonderful ideas! My spouse loved his wireless headphones which he got last year and a drone as well.

  5. These are great ideas for men! My husband would probably love the drone. He already has wireless headphones, so I totally second it!

  6. Great list! Anything car related or for a beard is always a win for my husband

  7. With my hubby’s birthday fast approaching these gift ideas are perfect! I’m torn between the headphones and the wallet.

    1. Anitra says:

      Glad I could give you a few ideas!

  8. great list you got here!

  9. These are all great gift ideas! I think a wallet is in order for my hubby, may be in Dec or wait till his bday in March

  10. I love all of these for men. I get my dad wireless headphones every year.

  11. This is an all inclusive list to give me some inspiration for male gift ideas. You are correct about men needed to be treated to something nice as well. We often overlook what they do on a daily basis for our families.

  12. Great tips! I just bought my husband a new drill and tool set because we lost everything in our basement after a flood. These are great practical gifts that the men in our life will certainly use.

  13. Really great ideas! The car care kit is one I know my hubby would like. I’ve never heard of the smart wallet but what a great idea as well!

  14. Nice ideas! I never know what to get my husband. He buys himself everything he wants before I even get the chance!

  15. Loved these ideas! My husband and kids would love that arcade system!

  16. Lisa, Casey, Barrett Dog says:

    These are amazing gift ideas for any occasion. We never thought about an Arcade Game! That would be so awesome!

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