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4 of the best kids subscriptions you need to sign up for RIGHT NOW!

By Anitra


This post may contain affiliate links.  I may receive a small commission if you click on and purchase products.  Please see the Disclosure Policy for more information.


The latest, newest, and most popular thing nowadays are subscriptions.  There are subscriptions and subscription boxes for anything and everyone in your family.  Clothing, razors for shaving, shoes, toys, educational homeschool items…you name it, there is a subscription for it!  Obviously subscriptions make life for a busy family EXTREMELY easy; you can pick what you want or need online, and it gets delivered right to your door!  it doesn’t get any easier or convenient than that, that’s for sure!



With all the buzz and hype surrounding subscriptions, I decided to give you my list of top 4 subscriptions for kids.  Each subscription varies in price, products, ages, and frequency of the subscription.  A few of these I remember having a subscription to when I was younger, and I absolutely loved them!  I subscribed to a few of these for my daughters when they were in elementary and middle school as well, and they still talk about how much they loved getting “mail” and having their own products delivered to our house that belonged to them.


Subscriptions are great for everyone; and depending on what topics interest your child or children, you are surely to find one or more of these subscriptions that your child will fall in love with!


The 4 BEST kids subscriptions you need to sign up for RIGHT NOW!


Little Passports has four different monthly subscriptions ranging in ages from three to twelve years old. Little Passports is an award winning subscription that allows children to learn about the world through monthly subscriptions and activities.

The Little Passports Early Explorers

Ages 3 to  5

The characters take you on a worldwide adventure, perfect for the younger learner!

The subscription comes with:

  • high quality stickers
  • trading cards
  • flashlight game
  • photo postcard
  • letter from characters Max and Mia
  • fun souvenirs
  • activity booklet

Skills taught:

  • Geography
  • Following directions
  • Color recognition
  • Fine motor control


The Little Passports World Edition

Ages 6 to 10

The characters take you on a trip around the globe and teach your children about world cultures!

The subscription comes with:

  • high quality stickers
  • activity sheets
  • photo postcard
  • letter from characters Sam and Sophia
  • fun souvenirs
  • bonus recipes and crafts
  • online games and activities

Skills taught:

  • Geography
  • Country recognition
  • Imagination
  • Empathy and Memory


The Little Passports USA Edition

Ages 7-12

The characters take you on trip to explore and visit the 50 states, famous landmarks, and state history!

The subscription comes with:

  • 32 page state journal
  • educational stories
  • hands-on activities
  • tasty recipes
  • fun facts
  • 3D landmark models
  • online photo album and more

Skills taught:

  • State recognition
  • Creative thinking
  • Reasoning and logic
  • Focus and attention


The Little Passports Science Expeditions

Ages 9+

Help the characters solve scientific mysteries while they collaborate with international scientists!

The subscription comes with:

  • achievement badges
  • 8 page experiment guide
  • 16 page comic book with glossary and activities
  • lab notebook prompts
  • experiment kits
  • bonus online video

Skills taught:

  • Experimentation
  • Problem-solving
  • Observation
  • Note taking


Little Passports also has a huge selection of individual products as well as the subscriptions.



Curiosity Pack is a monthly subscription that inspires a love of learning through activities that teaches children to be caring and empathetic while learning letters, numbers, science, and art; just to name a few.  They have two subscription options; and a Personalized Learning Plan, perfect for home school, depending on what your needs are.

Countdown to Kindergarten

Ages 3 to 5

Teaches the academic and social skills children need for Kindergarten.

The subscription comes with:

  • Curiosity pack or a book pack
  • Curiosity packs include: the Letters pack, the Numbers pack, and the Feelings pack
  • Each pack includes parent education, ready to use activities and information about child development

Skills taught:

  • real world learning situations with numbers and letters
  • feel more comfortable about a new environment
  • develop empathy


Change Makers Club

The Change Makers Club is an 8 week subscription that teaches children to be empowered to change the world for the better!

Ages (0-5) Know Your Power

Ages (6-8) Connect & Amplify

Ages 9+ Be the Change

The subscription comes with:

  • Weekly email plans
  • Downloadable activities to print and complete
  • Scripts and questions
  • Profiles of other kid heroes that have mad a difference

Skills taught:

  • Explore and learn from your community
  • Help your child identify themselves as a helper
  • Articulate and communicate values



Highlights Magazines have been a childhood favorite for more than 70 years!  Their subscriptions magazines provide opportunities to learn through games, puzzles, rhymes and more!

High Five Magazine

Ages 2 to 6

The monthly High Five Magazine is geared toward the younger, inquisitive learner.

The subscription includes:

  • Easy recipes and crafts
  • Action rhymes that encourage exercising
  • Stories from other parts of the world and cultures
  • Hidden pictures

Skills taught:

  • Boosts thinking and problem solving
  • Includes basic concepts of science, nature and art
  • Teaches word recognition
  • Introduces math concepts
  • Promotes values and creativity


Highlights Magazine

Ages 6 to 12

The monthly Highlights Magazine is designed for school aged children to build upon and expand on the skills they learn while in school.

The subscription includes:

  • Hidden pictures
  • Stories from other parts of the world and cultures to expand empathy
  • BrainPlay and other features to let them know their opinion is valued
  • Crafts and science experiments

Skills taught:

  • Attention to detail and concentration
  • Fascinating science and nature topics
  • A chance to see their own creative work in print
  • Critical thinking and creativity


Highlight has many other products as well, such as clubs, apps, toys, and books.  Check out all they have to offer here.



Zoobooks Magazines teaches children about all things related to animals.  They have three different subscriptions, that are great for child up to twelve years old!


Ages 0-2

The subscription comes with:

  • Lift the flap and peek-a-boo features
  • Beautiful photography
  • Durable toddler tough pages

Skills taught:

  • Mind building concepts like colors, shapes and sizes
  • Ideas for nature fun for the whole family



Ages 3 to 6

The subscription comes with:

  • Amazing photographs
  • Fun cartoon characters
  • Fascinating illustrations

Skills taught:

  • Games, puzzles and activities in the Fun Pages
  • Access to online learning
  • Loads of ideas for extended learning opportunities



Ages 6 to 12

The subscription comes with:

  • Amazing wildlife photography
  • Games and puzzles
  • Online access to Secret Jungle Club

Skills taught:

  • Learn about animal habitats
  • Social life of animals
  • Conservation
  • Encourages kids to be life long learners



These subscriptions provide variety for all ages and all stages of development.  Any one of these would be a great addition to any classroom, home school curriculum, or as a beginning to your child’s life long learning adventure!


Happy subscribing, and I hope you find a subscription that fits your child’s educational needs!






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  • Sonja

    February 16, 2018

    Ohmygosh ohmygosh ohmygosh I am so excited that you wrote a post about this! I have been wondering how to further help keep my children entertained (they are 7 and 8) and I had completely forgotten about these types of subscriptions! Man oh man am I excited about these. I will have to wait for a little bit until my husband and I have a little extra money but I am definitely saving this post for the future when I do have that money and am able to provide this experience to my children.

    reply to Sonja
    • Anitra

      February 16, 2018

      Yay Sonja! I’m glad that I was able to help you in this way!

      reply to Anitra
  • Jodie

    February 15, 2018

    Great magazines for young kids especially Zoobooks for Science. I loved Highlights as a child.

    reply to Jodie
  • Kim

    February 15, 2018

    Oh I wish I had little ones, Some of these sound so fun.

    2nd attempt, I sent this and your server sent me back a comment saying I had already made this comment which is weird because this is the first time I have read it?

    reply to Kim
  • Jill Weinreb

    February 15, 2018

    Such great information and my daughter LOVES to get mail as well. She receives Highlights at the moment and I think I may be more excited than she is when it arrives. I have been contemplating Little Passports for a while now and I think I will sign up for it soon!!! Thank you so much for the information.

    reply to Jill Weinreb
    • Anitra

      February 15, 2018

      No problem Jill! Thank you!

      reply to Anitra
  • Tosha Ornelas

    February 11, 2018

    These are great I’ve not heard of some of them but loved highlights as a kid. I forgot about it but gonna check it out for my kids they would love it too. Thanks!

    reply to Tosha Ornelas
  • Joanna

    February 9, 2018

    I so want to try some of these with my kiddos!

    reply to Joanna
  • Holly Lasha

    February 8, 2018

    Great suggestions. I’ll check them out.

    reply to Holly Lasha
  • Molly Brumley

    February 8, 2018

    Little Passports looks so cute! My girls would definitely love that!

    reply to Molly Brumley
  • Vian

    February 8, 2018

    Love highlights too, and the subscription box is great..

    reply to Vian
  • Joanna Stephens

    February 8, 2018

    These are great subscriptions for kids! I like that they are learning incorporated.

    reply to Joanna Stephens
  • Andria

    February 8, 2018

    I had highlights as a kid to!!! I loved them. I love subscription boxes to, great post.

    reply to Andria
    • Anitra

      February 8, 2018

      Thanks Andrea! I love subscriptions too!

      reply to Anitra
  • rayane

    February 8, 2018

    loved curiosity pack and highlights as well, will surely try them when my girls are a bit older

    reply to rayane
  • Laura

    February 8, 2018

    I loved Highlights as a child! I definitely want to get Little Passports when my girls get just a little older.

    reply to Laura
    • Anitra

      February 8, 2018

      Laura, I loved Highlights too!

      reply to Anitra

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